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Be it Brekky, brunch, lunch or afternoon tea, find us on the Broadway, down in Leigh-on-Sea. With tea served in silver pots and cakes by the slice we are stop the world, Purveyors of all things nice!

Hello World

Stop the World Cafe located on a busy corner site in Leigh on Sea.

On the sunny side of The Broadway, Stop the World Cafe opened for business on the 13th December 2007. We believe that if we offer something, it should be the best we can offer.

This involves teaming good quality ingredients with skilled hands – everything is made from the finest freshest ingredients by our own hands with total care, attention and dedication.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for being unique, independent and for creating truly superior food. We know that people love us for that, and we’re committed to maintaining this mantra.

Our menus are based on the feedback of our customers, helping guide us to create dishes that stave hunger, and satisfying the soul. Be it Brekky, lunch or afternoon tea, Stop the World offers a warm welcome as a neighbourhood cafe.

Open Daily

Monday ~ Saturday 8.30am ~ 5.00pm
Sunday ~ 09.00am ~ 3.00pm